BuJo Improved my Calendar and To-Do List System

But I don’t draw fancy pictures or use stickers.

Ann Leach


My BuJo open to the current Daily log spread, and the book, The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll that inspired me start a BuJo. Photo by Ann Leach

Last year, I came across “The Bullet Journal Method”* book at the library, checked it out, and read it. This one small act inspired me to try it out. After a 6 month trial, I knew this to be a system that would work for me.

Previously, I had been creating my own weekly and monthly spreads in a 1-subject spiral notebook. It worked well for keeping me on track, but otherwise, it didn’t add value to my life.

The Bullet Journal (BuJo) has taken my calender system to a higher level without adding a lot of extra work. It is a fantastic tool for recording the past, tracking today, and planning the future. Using it has brought intentionality and mindfulness into my life as I regularly plan, log, and review my activities.

In the past, I’ve had many ideas that were fantastic and that I had every intention of following through on. Until the next idea came along. Now, I collect those ideas in my BuJo and as I am completing one project, I review the collection and choose which one to begin next. All of them don’t make the cut so I am curating the best of the best.

I am so impressed with the BuJo Method that I ordered the actual Bullet Journal notebook* for myself rather than continuing to use notebooks that I had on hand. That is a level of splurge and commitment that is rare for me and reflects how valuable this tool is to me.

My BuJo has my daily habit tracker, daily log, and monthly to-dos and notes. These are the basics that the author and creator of BuJo, Ryder Carroll suggests. Then I have my many and varied collections.

My habit tracker for daily tasks. Photo by Ann Leach

Collections are 2-page spreads where I collect all the information related to a specific topic. Some of mine are hot meals and cold meals, tracking boundaries of my daughter’s screen time, my own steps walked daily, and starting up a homeschool co-op.