Six Simple Steps to Start Homeschooling

Starting home education can seem like an overwhelming task. There is no one place to go to learn how to start, until now.

Ann Leach


Home Education is all so new and different from simply going to the school and signing up — curriculum choices, connecting with other home ed families, new terminology, and what is the law anyway? I know how you feel. In fact, every family who bases their children’s education from home felt exactly the same way when they started.

Let’s break it down into manageable steps:

  • Connecting with families in the home education community;
  • Learning the regulations and registering;
  • Making friends for you and your children;
  • Deschooling;
  • Defining what home education means for you and your family and;
  • Choosing curriculum.

Connect with Families in the Home Education Community

On Facebook, do a search for where you live (town, council, shire, state) plus homeschool or home education. Choose 2 or 3 local-to-you groups to join and a state or national group or both. State-level groups are best for getting information about the regulations as home education is regulated at the state level and information about large group excursions being organized. Local groups are best for attending and arranging meet-ups, outings, cooperative learning, etc. These groups will quickly become your go-to for quick answers to questions about all things home-education-related such as registration, outings, park days, etc.

homeschooling community picnic — photo by author

Learn the Regulations and Register for Home Education

Each state requires some form of home education registration for each child. Some are more in-depth than others and learning those regulations is imperative. But it’s also easy to do. Do an internet search for home education regulations and your state name. Then look through what comes up for some kind of a government site. Or ask in the state group you joined above. There is not a home educating parent that doesn’t know the name of the regulating body and the website address.