My Stories with the Highest Read Ratio

25 June 2022

A shelf of older primary age novels. Photo by Ann Leach.
So many books (stories) to choose from. We browse the covers of all but select only a few to read. Which are chosen most often? Photo by Ann Leach

I love spending time on the Stats page that Medium provides. I wish it tracked more live stats and other bits of data, but as they say, be happy with what you have.

I focus on the Read Ratio because I share some of my homeschooling articles regularly in the groups I am in which skews the data for views and reads highly in their direction.



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Ann Leach

Ann Leach

Ann Leach enjoys being a Homeschooling Mum, studying Stoicism, and writing about life . She lives in Sunbury, Victoria with her daughter and 2 cats.